Dunaújváros CAC (H)




Sophie (Shaggy Beauty Cheesecake Factory) won Excellent 1st, CAC and BOB today.

Komárom 3xCACIB (H)



1st day:

Thea (Shaggy Beauty Cover Girl) won Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOS from open class.


2nd day:

Thea got Excellent in open class.


3rd day:

Thea won Excellent 1 and CAC in open class.

Velence 2xCAC (H)



The C-sisters:

1st show:

Shophie (Shaggy Beauty Cheesecake Factory) got excellent first and CAC in open class. 

Shophie loved, owned and handled by Andrea Farkas.


2nd show:

My little Thea (Shaggy Beauty Cover Girl) got excellent first and CAC too in open class.

Salgótarján CAC (H)



Sophie (Shaggy Beauty Cheesecake Factory) got Excellent 1, CAC and BOB from open class. 

Congrats to the owners! Way to go! This is the third CAC for the Hungarian Champion.

Shaggy Beauty B-litter is 8 years old


Happy birthday Enderby and Bobi!